Saturday, January 29, 2011

well, that's sort of embarrassing.

so i got up, drank a bunch of water, and ate something chocolate.

then i laid down on the couch, under cuddly blankets, in the one position that seems to allow me to sleep comfortably.  then i went to sleep (not especially deeply, but i'll take what i can get at this point) and, ta-da...headache on the run.

i think it was the water, to be honest with you, though after i ate grilled cheese it faded even more (of course, i drank copious amounts of water with it, so who knows). 

so, uhm, basically...i'm an idiot.  should have pounded the water last night, apparently.  who knew i might have been dehydrated? sometimes it's the simplest solutions.  i really do drink a lot of water, but apparently i need more. 

right on, body. got it. why you need this much water, i don't know, but maybe Baby Girl is thirsty?

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  1. Did I tell you how I went in for fetal monitoring several times because I thought I couldn't feel E? And everything was FINE. And I was embarrassed, but hey, it's a big job, and a big responsibility to keep yourself and Baby Girl well.

    So don't feel bad. Like everything else, this is just preparation for when you rush to the ped. for the first cold or head bump (which we ALL do, trust me :)