Saturday, January 29, 2011

i love you, google, but...

...please don't tell me that i have preeclampsia because i have a headache.

i think i probably have some sort of sinus thing happening, or i ate something funky (since i got one yesterday too, and it went away quickly) and i don't have any tylenol, and i can't sleep well enough to really throw it.  so, yes, i still have it 9 hours later, but if i had one tylenol in this house, it would probably be gone.

and it's bad enough to be annoying but not bad enough to go to the drugstore at 610 am when it's cold. 

so, i love you google, but you suck too.


  1. If you don't mind my asking, how is your pee? If you're peeing a normal amount (normal for YOU), then it's probably fine. Also, my understanding of pre-e is that the headache is very, very painful and different from other headaches you've had before. It would feel "unfamiliar," and you would just feel off.

    Dr. Google is your worst enemy, but there's pretty much no way to avoid the jerk. :(

  2. peeing like a racehorse, but that's normal, especially given how much liquid i consumed yesterday. i got up probably three times--that's pretty standard for me and i haven't felt like it's unusual in any way (except in the sense that it's back to normal from the last few days, when i was perhaps more dehydrated).

    slamming some water and eating something and laying down on the couch and sleeping more and breathing deeply has helped. it's still around, but it's totally manageable and better. we'll try the tylenol later if it's still around. i'm going to the doctor on tuesday, so if i keep having them, i'll mention them.