Saturday, January 15, 2011


i have laid like one for two days, really. thursday, i got like negligible amounts of sleep. so other than the most basic sorts of things, my day was spent laying on the couch and watching documentaries on netflix.  this was interesting and made me feel like less of a moron than if i had watched, say, real housewives all day.

(no offense to those of you who do. i'm not judging. i find camille both repulsive and fascinating. i tune in for brief stints at a time.)

then, yesterday came The Day of Yuck.  nausea and assorted other issues left me just wanting to beg for mercy. so, i ate toast and drank apple juice and then, by divine intervention i'm sure, had the brilliant idea of bean burritos from taco bell. i'm pretty sure they saved me.  i could only eat just a bit at a time, but it worked to keep me off the brink of starvation.

lest you think i'm kidding, i am down something like 7 pounds since yesterday morning.

SEVEN POUNDS. with clothes on.  yeah.  there's the silver lining right there, but frightening too (though i sincerely doubt my fat stores would not feed Baby Girl for about 3 months if necessary). i'm trying to stay hydrated. that's my main plan.  other than that, who knows? i tend to be one of those people who wakes up, feels better, and then goes OH BOY LET'S EAT NORMAL FOOD! and then rues the day.

i'm trying not to rue the day.

but beyond that, i think i'm having trouble not, like, staying in my pajamas all day and not doing anything substantive. i'm having trouble realizing that, hey, this is my life now--i don't go anywhere. that, however, doesn't mean that there aren't things to be done. even when i come up with lists and things, i am rarely motivated to do much of it.  that will change, hopefully, once actually assignments start coming in to be graded (which is next week). 

i feel badly for my husband, who gets the short end of the stick in that scenario. nothing hotter than a woman who's been wearing the same shirt for two days because it's too cold to change.  don't get me started. 

today, i'm going to try to putter around and clean some stuff.  baby steps. baby steps.



  1. Honestly, I am a lump all the time. And I don't have a small person growing inside me, soooo not sure what excuse I can use.

  2. I'm a lump today...trying to work up the motivation to head to the gym, but I don't know if that will happen (still traumatized from having to walk the dog in what was, according to's iPhone app, NEGATIVE ONE DEGREES this morning). Might I suggest a warm shower? For some reason, nothing feels as good to this Florida girl as a toasty shower (followed by some hot tea) at mid-day on a Saturday. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  3. This is just training for the first few months of baby, when your husband sees you in the same clothes, only this time stained with pee/spit-up/milk. Totally hot. :)