Monday, June 4, 2012

nesting, part one.

papers to grade, closets to organize, etc. so i really shouldn't be on here when my husband is taking charge of ye olde crazy toddler baby downstairs (why does she like to kick so much? why does she smile when we tell her no? MADDENING, I TELL YOU. MADDENING.) so that i can get work done, but...

...i spent eight hours (no, really. i am pretty sure it was close to eight hours) yesterday basting together the letter for Baby T's contribution to the nursery.  i thought it would be a lot more complicated, then i thought it would be a lot easier, then i was all ARGH. THIS IS TAKING FOREVER. but it's almost done, save reinforcing the seams with the sewing machine (i was away, so i did it by hand) and stuffing and closing and hanging. 

i had puffy ankles to show for it (oh, hello period of time wherein if i don't walk around a bit while sitting in the same position, i get slightly balloony ankles) and my hands were all carpal tunnely but it makes me feel like maybe, just maybe, i might be ready when this girl gets here.

so much left to do, but i turned to my husband and said "i think i must be getting ready to have a baby. i have the need to sew."

it's true.