Friday, January 21, 2011

triumphant, perhaps unjustly so.

i passed my glucose screening.

no, i'm sorry. that doesn't adequately express it.


because hi, my name is teachergirl, and i have a two generation history of diabetes in the women in my family, including a mom who was borderline diabetic when she was pregnant with me, and hi, i was overweight when i got pregnant and hi, i have a lot of indicators that i should be THE PRIME TARGET for gestational diabetes.

except that i eat really well. and i exercise some. and i've been doing that for YEARS. as in, i've been trying to live my way out of my family history for a while now. 

but pregnancy, you know. who knows? who can ever tell?

i figured i was okay. i will admit--though i had intellectual worry (see above re: all of the textbook reasons i should have been a candidate), i never had heart worry. 

they told me that they would call me when the results came in if they were not good. i forgot to ask, though, how long that would be. so here comes friday and i'm all "hey. don't really want to wait anymore. have a feeling all is well, but i don't want to be sandbagged by a call later or worry all weekend."

so i called.

my blood sugar was 82. you have to be within 70 to 140.

i wasn't even close to being borderline.


i feel like i just won the lottery. or ran a marathon. or did something else extraordinary.

i feel like maybe, just maybe, what i'm doing is good.

i felt like that was the last hurdle, really. yeah yeah yeah preeclampsia and all that, but really? i'm not worried.  aware, certainly, but not worried.

this one. this was the one i was worried about.  now we just have to keep cooking for another 8 or so weeks (EIGHT WEEKS. holy dang.) and then we're good to go.

full term. that's all i'm wishing for now.  full term.

go us, Baby Girl. go us!

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