Tuesday, January 25, 2011

sheesh. i get it. i get it.

for the past few days, i have been literally surrounded by yoda.

you know what i'm talking about. the classic, the ever-motivational, the occasionally want-to-slam-your-head-into-a-wall mantra: "do or do not. there is no try."

after the third or fourth time of it popping up, you just have to ask yourself: okay. what's this have to do with me?

i get it. i got it before, but i really get it now. 

do work, teachergirl. get stuff done.  take the bull by the horns (or the dishes by the...handle? the laundry by the...load? the valance by the...seam? the quizzes by the...question?) and get 'er done.

yeesh.  who knew yoda was so pushy? jedimaster my right eye. homeboy could be an excellent personal trainer.  he's just that annoying, and yet you feel no real capacity to beat him up.

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