Monday, January 10, 2011

eating my words.

so i told you, didn't it?

as soon as i posted about being grateful and not complaining, the Third Trimester descended upon me with the weight of a thousand bowling balls. or self-pity. i'm really not sure which one is heavier.

i couldn't have been more than 2 days into it (or 2 days away from it, depending on whose calendar you're going by) when i started feeling...big.  and nauseous.  and heartburn-y.

i am a textbook over here, did you know?  because i googled it, after wondering for two days why i felt sick, and it turns out...TA DA! welcome to the third trimester, where Baby Girl takes over every part of your internal organs and pushes on your stomach so that, after you eat, you feel sick.

hey, wait...didn't we do that already?

(never mind.)

but lest you think i'm complaining about all of this, then there was the opening of the power bill to discover that all of those cold snaps doubled our bill because, hey, i'm cold all of the time. 

at this point, i'm beginning to just think it's funny. 

(no, really. at this point, right now, it's funny.)

so, to keep on keepin' on with my mantra of "Baby Good. Complaining Bad.", here are some reasons why the Third Trimester, with all of its assorted good natured stabs in the proverbial back, is awesome:
  • keeping the thermostat lower than ever = i have never been more acquainted with the relative weight, fluffiness, efficacy, or thread count of the blankets in our house.  we have a lot, and they are often neglected, so now they are feeling loved.
  • cold = more rest on the couch. Baby Girl needs rest to grow, so there you go.
  • scary power bill due to coldness = more time planning out grocery store trips and coupon clipping. since this was already a goal of mine for this semester, i am pleased at how it's going. i am being INFINITELY more deliberate about how much money we spend on things, and though i'm still freaked out (books for music majors = at least double what i spent per semester on English major books, which boggles the mind) about money, i know will be well. 'tis the season to be freaked out about money.
  • more mindfulness about money = making more use of the gym membership we pay for every month, which leads to better, happier me.
  • more mindfulness about money = craigslist trolling, which leads to finding the very same changing table we were considering registering for, basically brand new, for $40 instead of $100.  and we used free money that landed in our lap for it.  holla.
  • back pain early in the morning = i get up early.  lunches are always made and i get to spend some time reading and chilling before musicboy wakes up.  since lunches are always made, there's no need to go out.  thus, we save money. (dang, this stuff works!)
  • nausea after eating = encouragement to eat smaller meals = less overload on (even good) calories = less weight gain!
  • the potential for nausea after eating = not wanting to eat.  this was a promise i was given by someone early in the second trimester. since i've wanted to eat the world for approximately 3 months, i was beginning to think this would never happen.  it has happened! huzzah! (don't worry. i'm still eating. but i'm quite pleased that i don't want to eat the world anymore.)
  • heartburn = fond remembrances of First Trimester past, when i discovered berry Tums. they are lovely and not horrible and make things easier.
  • feeling big = people actually walking up to me and saying "when are you due?" instead of wondering if i've just indulged a little too much over the holidays.  hallelujah, Baby Girl. you look more like a soccer ball fetus than a big fat roll, and for this i am appreciative. i am also appreciative of the one random shirt i have in my closet that was pre-pregnancy that makes the baby bump look adorable every time i wear it. i wore it yesterday. i felt pretty.  that was good.
so we're gestating away over here, feeling a bit less perky but more determined than ever to PUSH THROUGH.  we've got stuff to do up in here, not the least of which is four or so sewing projects for a nursery that just keeps on developing, for a Girl who keeps on developing (apparently exactly on track, hallelujah!). 

sometimes, i'll admit, i get a little down. but then, when i stop to look at it (like i have here--thanks for indulging me), i realize that, my goodness, there really are huge silver linings wrapped up in every cloud. in fact, i might say that most of my clouds are inherently silver by nature, not grey or gloomy.

i am blessed.  for sure.  even with heartburn.

next stop on the pregnancy train: gestational diabetes screening next week. i'm trying not to freak out.  diabetes runs in my family.  i really don't want to deal with that.  i really, really don't. 

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