Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i can be random too!

issue number one: i just want to apologize, on behalf of my engaged, newly married, happily married, newly pregnant, and now heavily pregnant self, if i have overshared too much on facebook.  while i am happy for people, i am sort of tired about hearing about the hot boyfriend and how awesome he is.  of course, i think i would rather hear about that than the whining and complaining about exes, but there you go.

and yes, i do feel a little bit badly about being a jerk about it even in my own brain.  because i know i'm often venturing into overshare territory too. and people are probably REALLY sick of hearing about how i'm pregnant.  that can get old because it goes on for like FOREVER.  but yeah.

also, that whole first section? just got flagged as a fragment. that brings me joy for some reason.

issue number two: if you put a recipe on the internet, and you laud it as the best thing ever, and it's a muffin recipe, would it be possible for you to please say, somehow, that it WON'T WORK AS A BREAD? because every. single. other. muffin. recipe. i. have. ever. made. works equally well as a bread.  especially in small loaf pans. it's not that big, it's not that much more dense, and, you know, it should work.

too bad i just wasted two hours on the healthy pumpkin bread that didn't.  that's annoying.  i feel somehow like it's false advertising, though mainly i think i'm just annoyed that i just wasted pumpkin, honey, and a whole heap of flour.


BUT. other people are totally reputable, and the whole wheat bread that i got (also from the internet) is AMAZING.  i may not buy bread again, if i can keep it up.

issue number three: i keep forgetting to go sign my contract at one of my jobs.  which is going to be problematic when, say, i want to get paid. also, i'm afraid that i'm getting a reputation as a flake. i wish i could just be like SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT DON'T HAVE CLOTHES DON'T LIKE RAIN BECAUSE I'M SLOW. but maybe i can just go tomorrow and pretend like five days later actually was my "earliest convenience."

issue number four: how on earth am i sore where i am sore from just walking? i mean, i was walking on uneven ground for much of the time, but for heavens sake. give me a break.

issue number five: the lightbulb in my dining room just went out. for a minute, i was all "ack! the power went out." but the TV is still on.  and so is the light in the laundry room.

and that, kids, is the logic of a phd.  our children are in really good hands, y'all.

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