Sunday, January 23, 2011

just going to go ahead and do it.

i need to get a few things off of my chest.
  • i hate the phone. i HATE it. i hate calling people who i kind of know but am not sure if i know if they know me. it's so AWKWARD. so maybe what i hate is awkward situations. what i really hate is when my hatred of the phone gets in the way of other situations, making those awkward.  it just makes me feel stupid. and about 9 years old. so that's fun.
  • i really dislike when people tell me what i will and won't do based on their own experience. i know this sounds weird, but i like it when people SHARE their experiences (when asked, of course), but don't assume that because they, say, registered for 900 things that didn't matter for their baby that of course i naturally did that as well.  i mean, is it possible that we won't use half of the stuff that we registered for? i suppose it's POSSIBLE, but considering the fact that there's very little frivolity and a whole lot of practicality on there (other than the pants--i really did register for a lot of pants because BABY GIRL HAS NO PANTS--and i know that they usually only wear onesies and that they're going to poop on stuff but SHE HAS NO PANTS and that bothers me).  are you telling me that i'm not going to use receiving blankets? i'm not going to use carseat strap covers? i'm not going to use a case of wipes? i somehow doubt it.  but who knows. maybe that diaper pail and the scented refills won't come in handy at all.  maybe i'm entirely wrong.
  • i somehow have to convince myself that i have the capacity to begin Baby Girl's nursery sewing projects. do i have the skills to sew a straight line for a valance? yes. yes i do.  do i have some sort of mental block against it? yes. yes i do. but, as moms are wont to do, mine has put me under a week deadline. this week, i am charged with finishing and hanging the valance. next week, i am charged with the diaper stacker (though i may plead for more than a week, because i think it will take longer than that for me to figure out the freaking pattern).  the next week, her stuffed initial hanging.  mama's point is that it's really nice to get things done. that's true.  but then...things will be DONE.  and  i don't know. i think i'm just a freak.
you're welcome for all of this.  i couldn't really post it on facebook, so you get it.  again, you're welcome. happy sunday night/monday to you. :) 


  1. This was the icing on the top of a very awesome Sunday.

  2. 1. I completely agree with Sapphire.
    2. I saw the comment you're referring to and it made me SO angry, as well! I couldn't believe someone would say that! Personally, I use about 95% of what we registered for (and received) for our wedding. Why? Because I was smart about what we registered for. Now, I know babies are not weddings, but I KNOW that you're the exact. same. way. So, disregard that statement as someone thinking they know more than they actually do know.
    3. I hope you don't think I was being disrespectful with my BabyGirl name. I wasn't, I promise. I completely respect your decision and love you!
    4. I would love to see pictures of the valance, finished and hung (if that would add to the pressure to finish on time).
    5. I miss you!

  3. The other thing about people crapping on you about what you choose to register for (besides the fact that it is RUDE, and COME ON), is that you never know what you'll find useful. I've heard a million and a half people tell me how dumb the diaper warmer is, but you know what? We still use it, and E is almost two.

    The "babies are unique" stuff extends to the stuff a baby wants/likes/needs. Imagine that! :)

    Also, seconding the wanting to see pictures of the sewing projects. Crafts!

  4. lindsay: i LAUGHED at your comment about Baby Girl's name, mainly because i think musicboy says the same thing, which is hilarious, when he just wants to make me nuts. he'll come up with these absurd names, just to tease me. so please don't worry-NO offense even remotely close to being taken.

    and i like the pressure of the pictures. i will post them! in a week! i will do it!


  5. interesting about the registering comment. i think you'll totally use what you registered for, in fact i was surprised by how little is on your lists. so many people have huge lists. get sewing little mama!