Thursday, June 17, 2010

warning: the boringest post ever below.

the dissertation, in its envelope folder (a requirement which i found both difficult to interpret and annoying), is in the hands of the editorial office.

oh please let them accept it. oh please let them accept it. oh please let them accept it.

it took longer than i thought and i, of course, waited until the last minute, but i worked really hard and did what they asked me to do.  but i still have this overwhelming yet peripheral (can those things coexist?) fear that they will email me and say "sorry. totally wrong.  you suck and now have to graduate in december." 

the likelihood of that is small, but nonetheless it is present.  the last lingering vestiges of dissertation angst.  oh don't you love it? i know i do.


this upcoming week is the last before i start teaching again, and even then i have a new OIOHL class that starts tuesday. can i tell you how much i don't want to teach that class? A LOT.  i may be nearing burnout on OIOHL classes, but until i'm sure that we're financially solid this summer (read: until i get my first paycheck from collegetown u for work accomplished), i will keep taking them. 

we move in less than a month.  in fact, we move four weeks from tomorrow.  have i done anything? of course not.  why would i do that?

it's so hot here. like SO hot.  i don't even go outside much and it's hot. 

ahaha. i can tell this summer's going to be a doozy.  :)

this is the most uninteresting post i've ever written.  but i felt the need to update, even though the update was painfully boring and slightly whiny.  that's probably the best update there is of me this week:  painfully boring and slightly whiny. though i fear melting into a puddle of sweat and death next week when i start having to show up to teach at 11am (it's at least 157 degrees by then), i think i will be quite happy to have a schedule again.

maybe then i'll remember that i need to plan ahead in order to make dinner. i keep forgetting about dinner until it's that point where i think "everything's frozen, and i'm hungry" and when subway starts sounding like a viable option. while that works for one night, multiple nights in a row makes that behavior seem a bit...pathetic. 

busy is good. i do well with busy.

that's all. i'm hungry. i should go make dinner now. 

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