Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the joke's not funny.

i'm pretty sure my body is mocking me. 

i decide to be all healthy-like, and i have cramps that just make me want to do almost anything other than what needs to be done.  (the anything that sounds best is lay in bed watching netflix online.)  the idea of the gym is laughable to me today.  i was going to go to the stadium today, but a combination of factors make that not likely to happen.

i am not sad. in any way.

and then i had a massive headache yesterday that wouldn't go away.  hooray.

maybe my body's just getting in some licks before i start punishing it and putting it into megaservice. who knows.

but it ain't funny and it could stop anytime now.


ps. i don't think my body combat instructor likes me anymore. i don't know if it's because i've seemed more complaining lately (it's my process...i don't complain to her, but i groan a little when the tough tracks come on, which i didn't do before, and i've had to stop more lately, which i know she doesn't like) or what, but she used to talk to me and then i went out of town and now she doesn't talk to me at all. 

and i don't like all the new people, especially the one girl who squeals all the time. either say "HI-YA!" in true martial arts fashion, or shut up.  but don't squeal. it's ANNOYING.

but this whole instructor not liking me thing bothers me more than i can say, both because it's happening and because i care. i so want to be impressive and that's preposterous. i should compete with myself. 


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  1. Workout instructors are so weird. I wouldn't take it personally (though I can see how it could be hard not to). Having lived with a whole family of them for the last year, I can tell you that it's usually workout-related. They just let their physical frustrations spill over, since their jobs are so closely related to their hobby. I promise. Nothing's worse than a workout after the instructor's had a fight with her instructor boyfriend. Nothing.