Tuesday, June 1, 2010


i mentioned before that i thought i was getting a little cabin fever, that i was beginning to get bored with all of this not doing anything not having anything to do except whatever i want to do which is never what needs to be done in the house kind of deal.

i have figured out what it is.


i'm tired of this house and i'm desperate to move. good thing it happens in about six weeks, eh?

stuff is breaking and it's annoying, but not annoying enough for me to call them and have them fix it before we move. i don't want to deal with it.

i am so excited to move.  it's double the space, and it's a two-story, which just to me seems like HEAPS of space.  while i'm certain the packing and moving process will be superannoying (for example, i was thinking last night as i was falling asleep about how i have no idea where to stack boxes as i pack them--we just really don't have any space at all.  i'll get creative, but eck.), i'm so looking forward to getting into that new place, and painting it, and making it a real home. while i am grateful for this home, especially since it will be where we will stay for the next couple of years (i really sincerely hope so...). 

i feel like this sort of feeling is pervasive across my life.  things are changing, and i'm ready for the changes. i don't like feeling in limbo, feeling like what i'm doing doesn't really matter.

i'm enjoying the reprieve, but i'm getting more ready for the changes. 

i am excited.  i wish it would just hurry.

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