Friday, June 18, 2010

the two songs that got me through the last 15 minutes of my 2.5 miles outside, in the 97 degree heat index?

mmmbop by hansen and all these things that i have done by the killers.

i cannot think of two more different songs, but they still penetrated the ipod noise (you know what i hear the song, and it helps you move, but it doesn't get you going) and made me feel less like i wanted to die.

in other news, the dissertation made it through first submission, which means I.AM.GOLDEN.

in other other news, lady audley's secret is surprisingly good so far. i am one hundred pages into the four hundred page sensation novel. i said i would not read classics, but i ran out of books and it was on the shelf. and i am pleasantly surprised so far.

laundry day today.  i will read and feel ZERO guilt.  happy friday, all!

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