Sunday, June 27, 2010

tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya tomorrow.

well, the tomorrow i've been planning for is nearly here, and who knows how well i'll do?

i face every first day with a bit of trepidation. this time it seems like less, perhaps by virtue of the fact that summer classes are (sort of) easier, or the fact that i've been thinking about other things for so long that i'm just not invested yet, or by an odd mixture of procrastination and denial, but i'm just not worried about it.

but i have been thinking about what to wear for about a week, so that's always a good sign that i haven't completely blown it off. 

nevetheless, back to the grind tomorrow.  i like first days because even though i have to earn their respect, they easily give it tomorrow.  the next day?

that's when it's game on.

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