Friday, June 4, 2010

the best day.

it's wedding season on facebook, so all kinds of beautiful pictures have been posted over the past week or so.  and i find myself oddly nostalgic for our wedding.  i think this is good, since this will be the summer of the wedding scrapbook, but i also find it somewhat odd.

i've never been one of those people who constantly looks back and wishes that she could relive moments of life.  i think i'm pretty good and thinking "hmm. that was good." and then moving on to try to create the next good thing.

but if i could relive one day, it would be that day. it was probably the most perfect day ever, from watching bridezillas the night before and being so very glad to not be them, to waking up at 4 something in the morning to get ready, to the blistering heat and sweating too much in my dress, to fire ants eating my friends and family on the lawn of the temple, to our amazing first dance medley that ended in the wedding party dancing to thriller, to getting four inches of fondant shoved in my mouth, to getting called a princess at our hotel by a little girl passing was all magical. 

but most especially it was magical because it was the beginning of something so miraculous and wonderful and so much larger and more expansive than just me.  and the people i love were there and there was perfect joy.

how often can you say that about any day?

there's joy every day, really, but it's sort of strange to be on the other side now.  we were the newlyweds for a long time.  not so much anymore. i'm happy for the changing of the guard--i'm glad to give up my spot and move into the regular married people club--but it's also sort of odd at the same time.

musicboy told me it didn't feel like we'd been married as long as we have, which comparatively speaking is not long at all. i agreed with him wholeheartedly.

i feel all kinds of changes coming, and i'm not sure why other than changes ARE coming. new house, which i've posted about before ad nauseum, new school for musicboy, graduation and a new doctor life for me (which will resemble, remarkably, the old one)...lots of things going on. 

maybe i'm just trying to try it all on, see how it all fits.  so far, it feels a bit different and somewhat strange...but not bad.


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  1. If there were one day I could re-live, it would be my wedding day (or, honestly, the whole week before so that I could make some better decisions leading up, which would have made the wedding day so much better). I've been feeling the same feelings as of late, but I know that what we have NOW is so much better than a single day. I feel so lucky to have been a part of your day with you, just know that your new life is going to keep being awesome in the differences.