Wednesday, June 16, 2010


someone needs to explain to me how to distill a 200 page dissertation down to 200 words.  then that same person needs to explain how to write about that same 200 page dissertation in 150 words to a "general audience" and explain how it contributes to my state and local community.

and if you can do that, i'd also like to know how to end world hunger, find jeans that make me look fantastic and don't make me want to die in the heat, and bake a chocolate cake that actually burns calories rather than adding them.

because all of those things?



  1. 1. Use the "abstract" button on Word. You can't use what it makes, because what it makes will be pretty crappy, but it will make you aware (at a point when your brain probably just. can't. deal.) of key points, words, phrases.

    2. Vegetarianism (you can feed a country on the grain we feed cows).

    3. Those cute sort-of capris that are jeans that end just below the knee, with a wide cuff.

    4. Opposite Day. :)

  2. I is writin' about the travels. The travels, both figurative and actual. Some of y'all might even say literal.
    HA! Get it? Literal?
    Read this dissertation for more gems that are not unlike the previous.

    Dude...that was only 35 words or so. I really don't see any problems with it. No need to thank me.