Thursday, May 27, 2010

a rolling stone gathers no moss.

but a butt that sits in a chair all day really might.

i am very much enjoying my time off, but i think i'm getting bored.  i'm not sure what to do about that, since every time i think about doing something productive, i cringe and watch another episode of bones.  i just can't really make myself do anything. 

the flesh is weak, i guess, even when the will is slightly more muscular.

yes, once i figured out how to stream netflix onto the wii, it's all been downhill into slothfulnessarama up in here.  my musicboy goes to work every morning, and i get up with him. i eat a bowl of cereal and i start up the bones.  i'm watching season 3 now, but i've seen so many of them already that it's really just like background noise.  so i end up doing something else--usually crossstitching--until it seems like the hours just speed by and musicboy comes home.

for a moment when he walks in the door, i feel a little bit like i used to when my mom would come home and i had done nothing whatsoever all day.  there's some guilt, although there's no accusations whatsoever coming from musicboy. 

but lately, i've not really left the apartment except to go to the gym.  i stay inside and i think i'm getting bored.  i'm beginning to feel that stircrazy feeling that i get when i don't have a purpose.  i don't like being bored.  i love my crossstitching project, but it feels like at any moment i could start to mold into the furniture.

today, i tried to feel a bit more like a normal person by dressing in real clothes (instead of those awesome shorts i told you i got at sam's club). i got my OIOHL work done, and may try to get ahead of the curve for the course that's starting on tuesday.  i'll probably try to clean a little bit, because that makes me feel less like a major slugbutt.

but really...i have three something more weeks of this.  and we're poor-ish (or trying not to spend too much money until we both get paid again).  i'm trying to think of cheap, fun things to do. i'm thinking of a picnic one day at our park, but other than that...i'm out.  maybe we'll go hiking at a local nature area.  maybe i just need to make a list, because maybe i actually have ideas. 


i'm bored a little and my brain isn't working well anymore because even though i'm getting up earlyish, we're not going to bed until like 2:30 and 3am. 

hey, here's an idea.  maybe i'll take a nap.

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