Saturday, May 1, 2010

26 of (a possible) 63, but more likely 26 of 54.

the worst of it was when i posted. for some reason, just like exercise, it's the getting started that kills me. the fact that it was afternoon didn't help.  that's the time my body likes to tell me that my bed is better than anything else in the whole world.

i managed to find a rhythm, and soon it was just about getting through one class.  i use blackboard, so my online students submit their papers into what's called a digital dropbox. it's essentially one big folder full of files, so when i can begin to see the end in sight of that (although those were just the papers that had been turned in early--the deadline wasn't until about 5 minutes ago), i started feeling less like i wanted to die and more like i could actually do it.

when i had cleared a class, i played mariokart.  bowser is awesome.  i'm usually yoshi, but bowser is awesome.  i unlocked a car and a new cup under my name, even though musicboy had long unlocked all of the possible cups and many of the cars under his name.

it felt like a triumph of a kind.

then i ate copious amounts of frozen pizza, baked in my wonderful convection oven, and did eat some frozen cookie dough, and got back to it. i'll admit that i slowed down substantially tonight.  but i kept chugging--another class, i hoped, i would wipe clean.

i did.

of course this was all very temporary because, true to form, the procrastinating student population started tossing papers at me around 10pm.  once a class was wiped clean, more papers would pop up.

that's okay. i don't mind.

i've been finding my rhythm.

it helps that musicboy is in full support mode. we ran out of salad and fruit, and i desperately wanted some.  and pizza. so he made that possible by going to the store for me. when he came back, he brought flowers.

he's a prince. i'm a lucky girl. and i'll admit that i'm in full book nerdgirl heaven to see him reading the lord of the rings (his idea, not mine) on the couch while i patiently wait for 12:30 so that i can officially say "your paper is late.  tough."

given the storms that have passed through tonight, i'm sure i'll be making exceptions, but the last thing i want to deal with is a bunch of stragglers just sticking their papers in my digital dropbox and expecting special dispensation. that drives me nuts.

i have one more day to finish this stuff. i did 26 in about 10 hours.  i most assuredly can do 30 in 14.

i hope.

gah.  six classes is hard.

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