Thursday, May 20, 2010

i wasn't jealous at all...

...and then i saw pictures of musicboy posted on facebook in nyc. he went to the empire state building! there are pictures of him posing on an nyc street! 

it's not that i'm jealous. i just wish i could be there to see his face when he gets to see all of these things he hasn't seen before. i've seen them. he hasn't.  well, until today.

is that jealousy?  i don't think so.  i'm just so excited for him. 

and the pictures made me miss him. 

that and the fact that he won't answer his text messages. what is he doing?  oh.  sightseeing.  practicing.  right.  DOING STUFF.

yeah, i miss him. i'm a silly.  now i really want a present. :)


i went to sam's yesterday to pick up some broccoli so that i could make broccoli salad (sweet goodness it's delicious and so colorful and good grief) and lettuce so that i could make green salad and i walked by the clothes and there were these bermuda shorts made of like cool sweatpants material. what is that? it's sort of like yoga pants.

they are the most comfortable thing i've ever worn in my life. i'm trying to decide if i can get away with going to the volunteer assignment i have (serving food for church at a home for families of cancer patients undergoing treatment--hence the need for romaine and baking bread today) or if i need to wear more reasonable clothing.  i'm really leaning toward wearing them.


i think i have found a book, since the library is taking 9000 years (really, it's been like a day and a half, but in vacation time, that's AGES) to get my massive truman biography.


excuse me while i eat freshly baked bread.  and then...musicboy will be jealous! haha! my evil plan is complete!

(i'm just kidding. i probably won't mention it.)

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  1. should COME to NYC next time...especially on a weekend when I'm going to be there, too! Of course, pretty much any weekend can pretty quickly become an NYC weekend. It just takes an hour and a half drive from where I live. The moral of the story? Come up and see meeeeeeee.