Saturday, May 1, 2010

i have survived.

something like 56 papers graded in about 22 working hours.  that's pretty decent, considering those hours include breaks for video games, food, and gym.

today, our internet decided to crap out because the cable went out, so i had to venture out in search of a wireless internet connection so that i could download the papers that i needed to grade and keep going.

i am now done, save 1 paper that i idiotically gave someone an extension until monday to turn in.

stupid. never again.

but after i get it, grade it, and put in the grades i will be done with 5 of my 6 classes.  the other class, at online institution of higher learning, will end on monday and will bring with it another substantially less stressful round of grading.  another online class at OIHL begins on tuesday.

so i guess i'm not DONE, but i am done. 

i feel twitchy and short tempered and tired and not at all relieved.

i am hoping that the first three will go away and the last will come soon.

but i have survived my first semester teaching six classes.  if i can do this, i can do anything.

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