Monday, May 31, 2010

hello, monday.

it's been one of those days.

nothing exceptionally bad has happened. it's just uphill kind of day.

my class at OIOHL was canceled without me knowing about it. while this is not the absolute end of the world by any stretch of the imagination, it does make for leaner times than i was anticipating going into my course at Collegetown U.  it makes musicboy's jump to 29 hours a week at work, however, VERY fortuitous for our family.

i'm hoping they feel badly and throw another course my way. of course, who knows if that will happen. perhaps this is just another walk of financial faith.  i have a feeling it is, for a while. we'll be fine. it will be fine. but...i like it to be easy.  it just isn't.

had a mini-meltdown this weekend about health-related issues. mainly, i have felt myself slowly slipping back into not so good eating and exercise habits, and asked musicboy if he could please help me out. i told him i couldn't do it alone, and he said he would help rather than resist. his young male metabolism notwithstanding, i think we could all use a little more broccoli and few less cookies.  in the words of the cookie monster of the 21st century, "cookies are a SOMETIMES food."

went to the gym tonight with musicboy (i had literally just decided that i was feeling puny and crampy and didn't want to go when musicboy decided it was time to go...and so we went...and so it's clear that he is a huge help to me). it was a struggle.  i don't like when it's a struggle.  i mean, i was walking slow. but i did do one 1-minute sprint faster than i ever have, so there's that.

and the fact that i went at all.

so there's that.

i'm about 600 pages into the truman bio, in case you were wondering. he was my favorite president before, but now he definitely is.  flawed and foibled, but so admirable in so many ways.  i'm hoping, however, to finish it soon. it's hard to read a 995 page biography.  it is quite slow going.

i've decided, to revisit the health issue paragraph, to incorporate at least two strength classes into my gym regimen.  i haven't been doing anything with strength training, and i think it's important and i haven't been doing it and i want to do everything to rev my metabolism in the next few weeks, so that's what i'll do. and i've decided that, right now, i am just not cut out for individual workouts. i can do them sometimes when i have to, but when i have something that i really like and i have the peer pressure of the classes, i do better. 

especially when i don't want to do anything. all i have to do is show up and bam.  game on.

i was going to whine a lot in this post, but somehow i didn't. that's a good thing. 

i'm hungry.

the end.

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  1. I'm much better with classes. That's how I was motivated to go to the gym--I got to know instructors and then they would ride me about not showing up. Plus, it was a great social event in addition to the cardio. Alas, having a child has made that impossible as the gym on base doesn't offer childcare and we can't afford a membership at the Y. I've been trying to walk five miles with Parker in the jogging stroller but with the weather being capricious and him not loving being stuck in the stroller for an hour, it's a real struggle. I just keep gaining ounce after ounce after ounce. Very discouraging.

    Now that I've hijacked your post to complain about my weight, I do have to say kudos to Musicboy for helping you out. That's great that he can be your exercise buddy to help you go on days like today.