Tuesday, May 4, 2010

put together.

my director is so put together.  everything she wears is completely matched to her jewelry. she's one of those walking advertisements for ann taylor or talbot's or [insert expensive classy store here].  i like her style, though it's a little bit more...rigid...than mine.

what's my style, you ask?

i'm so glad that you did.

i can be found, nine months of the year, wearing footwear that you might use to avoid foot fungus. that's right, the old navy flipflops. i love them. they are the singlemost comfortable shoe ever created.  i don't care if they're ugly. in fact, most people that i know own multiple pairs of them and love them just as much. 

but the rest of me feels a bit frumpy of late.  perhaps that's because i'm going through some sort of crisis, but i don't think so. i've always felt like i'm about two steps away from having a style.  it's always a lack of shoes, or a lack of cute jewelry, or a lack of funds to create these things. 

it's somewhat frustrating, being two steps away, but then i wonder if people like my director are the exception to the rule rather than the rule itself. maybe everyone really feels a bit like they're still trying to define what they are.

i would like to say that someday i will either no longer care or i will have the funds to pursue my ultimate style, but i think neither of those things are true. so i will try to muddle through, as best i can, picking up pieces on clearance racks (hello adorable blue earrings i bought today) and on sale (white summery skirt, green summery dress, white peasant-y shirt) in the hopes that maybe, one day, i will look in my closet and see style.


the defense is tomorrow. 3:30pm.  i'm told it will take an hour and a half to two hours, that i am now the expert on this topic, and not to be nervous.  all three of those things seem distinctly absurd to me, but that's okay.

i'm supposed to speak for no more than 10 minutes at the beginning of the defense to articulate my argument. i genuinely believe that if i can get through that, i can make it through the rest of it.

plus, i'm making blondies with swirly chocolate and my slammin' apple cinnamon muffins, so if nothing else they will bow before my baking greatness. 

do they give a phd in baking?

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  1. I. Love. Old Navy flip flops. I was just telling this to my supervisor at work, who looked at me like maybe she regretted bringing me on to the staff. Once I have an extra ten bucks in my pocket I'm going to head over and pick me up four more pairs for this coming year. Just in time too- my last pair that I have is about to wear all the way through. Oh the perfect timing of Old Navy flip flops.
    [/Old Navy rantfest]

    Also, I have just accepted that I will never have style. If I can be comfortable and occasionally think I look cute, then that's good enough for me.

    Good luck! You will do awesome! The end is so close you can probably taste it- and it's apple cinnamony I bet.