Monday, May 24, 2010

adjunct a-go-go.

so, i have another job. i think the adjunct "interview" process is hilarious. as in, there isn't one. you send in all of your stuff, they make sure that you're qualified, and then when you show up to the "interview" you get assigned classes and get books.

there's no real weighing and measuring and horrors of the interview process. you're essentially a cog in a large wheel of labor, and so it's just a negotiation about how many classes you want and when you can teach them.

i muse on this because it happened to me, again, today. it happened the same way with rural cc, and now it happened again with what we'll call local cc.  it's the feeder school, in lots of ways, for Collegetown U, so it's good for me to work there.  but that's another story altogether.

i just find this whole process so different from the Collegetown U interview process and the rumored tenure track interview process, which i have never experienced and yet am not sure i want to experience at all.

i like this whole "you are qualified, thus you may TEACH" deal, but then again...that might let some bad apples into the bunch.

but since i am a lovely, delicious, not bad apple, i will take it.

i'm excited. i will be teaching 7 classes, at least, in the fall. my dissertation committee thought i was insane girl for doing 6. 

ha! take that!

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