Friday, May 7, 2010

out of office reply.

oh hi.

sorry to leave you all hanging there.  though, of course, if you're my facebook friend, you already know that the defense went brilliantly and i am now basking in the glow of vacation with my mom. 

this consists of chilling with cats, hanging out with my family, and watching tivo.  (i'm now caught up on lost. when i watched this past tuesday's episode, i sobbed. could it have been more heartwrenching? i don't think so...) i read too (i finished a fabulous non-fiction book in the airport and am about to finish another book). it's the epitome of lovely. 

i will be back to tell the stories of chaos, chipped plates, spilled champagne (i don't drink...and i'm not was funny) and missing paperwork of my defense day, as well as my impressions of how much fun it was (surprising!) and a few of the personal realizations i had as i was sitting there. 

but right now, i'm just enjoying not having to do anything except the bare minimum for my online class. don't tell anyone, but they're kind of getting the shaft a little this week, if not in actual practice at least in angst and attention. 

it's a nice change.

but i do very much miss my husband, who is home playing video games, working, and reading tolkein.  i just love that guy.

i'll be back.  hang out until then.  talk amongst yourselves. or, if you have questions that you want me to address about the defense, post them. or, you know, any questions at all. 

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