Monday, May 24, 2010

i just have to rant for a minute.

so, there was a big finale last night. if you've been living under a rock, lost ended after six years of crazy puzzles and time traveling twists and mythology and yeah.

now, granted, i only watched the last 45 minutes. BUT that 45 minutes included the ending, which is what i hated.  i could have predicted it six years ago, and i think it was a cop out. a sweet cop out, maybe, but a cop out nonetheless. 

and for a show that claims to be appealing to the highest common intellectual denominator, that frosts my cookies.

but what really bugs me? is when people act like i didn't "get it" because i didn't like it.

well, here's the thing. i don't sit around (anymore) pondering and pontificating on the lost mythology. i don't have time and, right now, the inclination to spend that kind of time on something entirely fictional (unless it's something i'm going to teach...and if i could somehow teach lost, i totally would).  so maybe i didn't "get it" in the sense that i didn't see how it connected to a million questions that didn't get answered.

(and before you're like HEY. YOU DIDN'T WATCH IT ALL SO YOU CAN'T JUDGE. i'mma watch it today when it hits online. i had other stuff to do last night.)

but don't act like i'm an idiot because i don't share your opinion. don't ask me what's wrong with me, don't imply that i'm less smart than you, because the reality is that i am probably a lot better and more adept at interpreting texts (and tv shows like these are most certainly texts) than you are. i have years and years of practice and a couple of letters after my name that say so.

just because i find something unsatisfying doesn't mean that i am an idiot.

it just means that i disagree with you, and there's nothing wrong with that nor is there anything wrong with my expression of that opinion.  maybe i'm right and YOU'RE wrong.  ever thought about that?

or maybe it's just that i'm older and i've been around this block before and i've seen this copout before (hello dallas, mid 80s, how do you feel about a somewhat recycled storyline?) and it's ANNOYING.

if you're going to write a show that's intelligent and puzzling, make your ending be that way too.

and answer some dang questions.

that's not to say that when the whole thing comes to netflix, i won't sit there for a two week period watching episode after episode, knowing the end from the beginning, to try to make sense of it. oh, i will.

but don't you dare, people who loved it, act like i'm stupid for not liking it.  don't you dare.


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