Friday, April 9, 2010

round 'em up herd 'em out

you, lucky reader, get to be privy to the varied and not at all connected thoughts bouncing around in my brain.  woot.

(it's friday. what do you want?)

that geico commercial with the ring tone?  the "ringedy ding dong a ding" one? i actually really want that ringtone. in other news, someone's phone went off in the middle of a speech today and it was a rooster crowing.  hi-lari-ous.

i have read two non-school related books in two days.  i'm back, baby.  the library better watch out.

my director has already read through 2/3 of the diss.  in one day. is that a good sign? i think that's a good sign.  or it's a bad sign. i don't know. she said she was reading it (with pleasure!) so i think that's a good sign. i know that papers that take me less time to read are usually the good ones. 

the flip side to this is that i'll have less time between the draft and having to address the revisions, which means that i may not have as much time to catch up on grading, which means i should probably not read as much.

the flip flip side to that is that the stupid draft will be ready sooner, i can get it to my committee sooner, and i can commence to begin the freakout about the defense sooner.  or i can read more books. whatever.

i have my free personal training session today, and i'm scared.  i think i'll end up dying a little, but that may pave the way for me to go eat all you can eat ribs tonight.  good plan, right? i'm an idiot.

yeah, this isn't really interesting at all.

i really want new clothes, but i also really want to save money. why are summer clothes so expensive? why is it impossible to find things with proper sleeves? i have fat arms. don't make me fling them about for all the world to see.

saw clash of the titans.  it was okay.  wait for the dvd.

did you hear there was a record harvest of strawberries? they are rock bottomed priced around these parts, and i will buy as many as we can eat as often as we eat them until the wave is over. i'm so pleased. i love strawberries. of course, one time my mom told me about this chicken and strawberries diet she was one. all she ate was chicken breasts and strawberries, and she ended up with hives.  so i'm a little worried that we'll end up turning into a great big strawberry, willy wonka style. 

it's beautiful outside today.  what do i get to do? grade. clean. go punish myself at the gym.  woot.

i don't know why i'm still nervous whenever my in-laws come to our town, to our house.  i do okay when it's us going there or when we meet on common ground, but there's so much pressure when they come here.  i feel judged. it's stupid.  i don't think they are judging anymore than anyone else ever judges when they come to someone's house, but i feel like this great amount of responsibility for everything to be perfect.  it's annoying. 

yeah, i'm done.  so many annoying things to do.  i'm ready for this semester to be over already.

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  1. I didn't hear about the strawberry harvest, but I figured something was up when I saw US strawberries in our farm markets in April.

    And it's definitely a good sign that your advisor is burning through your draft. It means it makes sense and she agrees with where you're headed. And think of it this way: the faster she's done, the faster you're Dr. Teachergirl. :)