Monday, April 26, 2010

monday morning vignettes.

i got up early this morning to go to the bathroom. when i got back to the bed, musicboy had rolled over and taken my spot--and all of the covers.  i thought momentarily about shoving him over, but instead i got back into bed on his side and smiled a little.

he's accustomed to taking the entire bed in the morning because i get up and leave before him.  'tis a sign that it's nearly summer that such is no longer the case.  classes are over, musicboy. 

share the bed.


i went to the library this morning, having received an email that the books that i had requested were in.  i had also finished the last of my books yesterday, so i was very ready for a reload, so to speak.  i don't know what it is about libraries, but perfect strangers feel absolutely comfortable speaking to each other. Standing in front of the new book shelf, looking for something intelligent to read (rather than the mystery series that i systematically am plowing through, which are intelligent but don't give you any smart points), a woman commented on how big the newly renovated branch is and how she just came in to see what she could find.

i was sort of taken aback by her willingness to randomly talk to me.  i'll admit that i rather hastily moved to the next section. 

as i was wandering through the fiction section, i overheard two older guys (late 50s/early 60s?) talking.  one guy just randomly said that we should watch out for the temperatures in the next few years because of the volcanic eruption in iceland. the other mentioned how the oil rig that had been damaged earlier last week was still leaking 50,000 barrels a day.

i'll admit, when i heard them, i immediately thought there was a conspiracy theory bent to their conversation.  there was no real reason for it, except for the tone of their voices, which made me think of rush limbaugh and my granddaddy and how he always thinks the media is hiding something.

it made me smile.  but i was also glad that they weren't talking to me.


as i was walking out of the gym this morning after some successful running intervals on the treadmille, i saw a pair of old (i was going to say older, but that implies that they were like a little bit older than me, on the cusp of middle age or the cusp of being senior citizens. that is incorrect. they were lovely grandmother/great grandmother types) women walking very slowly holding hands today. they were hanging on to each other for balance, a few of their fingers intertwined, as they slowly made their way to their car, which i believe was parked in a handicapped spot.

it was, perhaps, the most lovely thing that i've seen in a while.

it made me miss my mimi so much.  it hits me randomly, the times when i miss her, but i do.  i so wish she was here. she would be so pleased with all that's going on. she would love musicboy, and gosh would he love her. 

i'm glad i'll see her again.  i'm glad i know that's true.

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