Saturday, April 10, 2010

do it. trust me.

buy a jiffy apple cinnamon muffin mix. they're usually something like 59 cents.

ignore the directions on the back. instead of following them, mix in 1/2 c of unsweetened apple sauce and grate in 1/2 of an apple (i used granny smith, but you can use whatever you want).  add additional cinnamon and some nutmeg, to your taste (i added about 3 times the amount of cinnamon that i did nutmeg, but if you're not a nutmeg fan, just use the cinnamon). then add just enough milk to make it muffin dough consistency (i don't measure, but i imagine it was about 1/4 cup).  follow the baking instructions, although know that you make these into mini-muffins.

they are DELICIOUS.  incredible apple flavor and yumminess.  they are healthier than the traditional package directions, because you are using no egg (less cholesterol and fat) and less milk (fewer calories). i would imagine, though, that the calorie count isn't that much different because of the apple and applesauce that you are adding.

but SO VERY GOOD. people will die for them.  well, at least i do. 

you're welcome.

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