Monday, April 5, 2010

consider this that wave across campus as you're running to class...

just passing through here to tell you a few things:

deep irony is not lost on me. i stopped working out, ate real ice cream for the first time in least a month, and ate whenever i was hungry (though i did keep eating good things and logging my food and i never went above my calories) and i LOST FIVE POUNDS IN FIVE DAYS.  freak. i think i've decided to do this every month.  pms week? stop exercising and eat whatever i want to eat within reason, because apparently my body likes fruit and craves the things that it needs.  how about that.

my house is a cesspool of death and my in-laws are coming this weekend. hot diggity swiffer time.

the reason i am passing through is because i am about two to five hours away from finishing my dissertation draft.  i spent much of the morning formatting it, checking on last minute things, and creating all of the extra stuff. let me tell you. while i think it's sort of a thrill to be able to create a dedication page, it's one big hoop-jumping horror show to format these things according to some arbitrary system that the university has created. it's not MLA, let me tell you, and it's also annoying to have to take all of your endnotes and turn them into footnotes. 

tomorrow i try to print my dissertation at the school computer lab, where i am allowed 250 pages per semester for free.  you can only print 10 at a time, which should be fun, but i'm doing it because heck if i pay $500 a semester in fees to get nothing but access to the library and free wireless.  I WILL MILK YOU FOR ALL YOU ARE WORTH, COLLEGETOWN U.

prepare yourself. 

excuse me but i'm TWO TO FIVE HOURS AWAY from being done.

oh my dang.  WOOT!


  1. What's the lesson here?? Maybe that ice cream ABSORBS pounds! I will put this to the test. Also, happy dissertation finishing! What an accomplishment. P.S. My in laws are coming this week which means DEFINITELY swiffer time. Yikes.

  2. This is so wonderful! The dissertation, mostly, but also of course the health goals. I know you know heaps more about this than I do, but maybe your body needed a little extra fat or something?

    Anyway, way to go! (insert cheesy "Wind Beneath My Wings" reference here :)