Friday, April 16, 2010

a page from the domestic handbook: how to be an amazing music wife edition.

rocky road cookies.

chocolate chip cookie/muffin things with a peanut butter surprise in the middle.
(an experiment. they're too big, because i made them in standard sized muffin cups (i was inspired after being disgusted by what won the pillsbury bakeoff this year. the muffin idea was a cool one though.). next time, i'll make them in the mini-muffin pans and add enough peanut butter to really make the middle gooey.  i think they could be a hit.)


they're all getting packaged for musicboy's mini-tour to a festival tomorrow. apparently, i'm already known for how good my cookies are.  i have a reputation to uphold.

but mainly, road trips should always have cookies.

(and all of them have 1/4-1/3 less sugar than the recipe calls for!)

sometimes, grading and dissertations can wait until the cuisenart has done its magic. 

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