Wednesday, January 13, 2010

where my head is at.

it feels less like the arctic north here and more like the wintery south, so i'm more able to deal with life. this fact is indicated by my choice of slippers. instead of my massive fleecy boot ones, i'm wearing my cute little giraffe slip-ons.  i'm a little bit cold, but i think i'd rather turn up the heat and pretend.  we're told the warmer weather is on its way. bring it, i say.  when it comes, i'll worry about making my legs presentable again and wear skirts again. 

speaking of my fleecy boot slippers, which i wore to chili's last night for dinner because you can't make me wear real clothes, they make me understand uggs. and want some. if there were black uggs (or fake ones, because i am so not paying for real ones), i would buy them and wear them and not apologize.

but i would not tuck my jeans into them. because i think that's weird.

today is supposed to be a dissertation day, but after working pretty steadily and successfully (despite the yucky day overall) on class planning and grading and stuff, i'm inclined to just do more of that instead of waiting until tomorrow to do it.  i feel like fragmenting my focus might not work so well.

of course watching elmo when i'm 32 probably won't help me with my focus either. but it's better than judge pirro and doesn't take as much brain power as lost, although i'd like to watch season 5 before season 6 begins and i can get it on demand on netflix (and apparently on hulu now as well).  the likelihood of that happening is...not good.

(elmo just made a messed up washing machine that throws clothes out into an attraction for all of the grouches.  oscar and his pals are thrilled.  elmo's a freakin' entrepreneur.  i can't believe it.  also, we counted and learned about hexagons and wrenches and had the big, important lesson about reusing and recycling.  yay.)

i should really get to work.  but first i have to put on my big black slipper boots. it's just still too cold.



  1. You should post a picture of your cute giraffe slippers. :)

    Lost lost me in the middle of season one and I gave up. I've now moved on to catching up on Doctor Who on Netflix because I'm a nerd like that.

  2. Things I have learned about uggs: people here think you're stupid if you own them. People do wear them, and people do sell them, but nobody thinks you look cute wearing them because guess what uggs are not? Oh that's right, waterproof. Also I have learned that you tuck in your pants because otherwise when you are tromping through snow your jeans get soaked and in most cases dirty and permanently stained from ground and salt and road crap. However, if you refer to the previous Ugg statement, namely that they are in no way close to pretending to be waterproof, there is no point in tucking pants into them since you've already screwed yourself over by wearing them since there is permanently snow on the ground.

    I need to go to bed.