Sunday, January 17, 2010

i would post more often, but it would be more boring.

here's what i do everyday.

wake up.
eat breakfast (usually, unless it's tuesday or thursday, and then yeah right i'd rather sleep).
go teach some people something.
come home. check emails. eat lunch. do some stuff related to dissertation or all those classes.
go to the gym.
cook dinner. hopefully try to balance, in my mind, megavegetable intake with what musicboy will eat without wanting to die. (bless him, he never complains.  i make him eat salad way more than he'd like because he really doesn't like salad, but it's easy and goes with things better than, say, broccoli sometimes.  yes, spaghetti, i'm looking at you.)
do some more stuff, hopefully, related to dissertation or all those classes.

sometimes things get shuffled (gym after dinner, no stuff after dinner, some assorted activities thrown in there), but that's pretty much it. 

it's boring, but hopefully it will continue to work. i haven't quite found my rhythm yet. i haven't quite found my routine. what this means is that while my classes are humming along nicely, i'm behind a bit on my dissertation.  i don't like being behind.  i don't like not meeting my goals. but like i said--i haven't found my rhythm. i think i'm still in delusional dreamland where i can get work done at home.  home makes me want to take a nap or do the dishes or bake something.

home is not the seat of dissertation efficiency. 


i have to go plan this week now.  here's hoping for more efficiency.

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  1. sounds like you've got a nice routine down. and don't worry about boring posts as i post about canning pears and blow-out diapers. exciting. :)