Wednesday, January 27, 2010

rambling wednesday edition of this here blog.

[if you're my facebook friend, you've already seen this, but there's an expansion, so keep reading. KEEP READING, DANGIT.  not that i'm needy or anything.]

it's insulting to me that all of the action movie underground/vault shows with stupid hosts who give you background info from the dvd that you could just watch yourself if you were at all interested have male hosts that are mildly attractive/basically unattractive nerds and female hosts with plastic breasts and no clothing.  do they really think women don't watch these movies?  why aren't they pandering to me too? it's like when men assume that women don't know what things like the spread offense are. 

that actually happened.  picture it.  student x comes up to ask me about his speech topic. i am standing there with student y, who is a football player for big collegetown u and who knows of my love for football because we have discussed it before (in an attempt, i think, to lay the foundation for me being kind to him and his might work. i don't know. i sure like them. but mainly because they are good students and participate, not because they cater to my love of big collegetown football). 


student y says he wants to do a speech on the spread offense and proceeds to ask if he should back way up and explain things like what a quarterback is for people who don't know football, then gestures toward the middle of the room and says something like "you know, for those girls up there."

i just stared at him for a beat and said "you mean, because girls don't know anything about football?"

at this point, student y started laughing because he knew that i probably knew more than student x.

these are the kinds of things that drive me nuts. don't assume. it's annoying.

also, why are the humane society commercials like taking the aspca commercials and making them WORSE? i don't want to see a crate full of puppy mill puppies!  i literally have to avert my eyes.  but the makes me want to look...and it's not even sarah maclachan.

evil.  they're all evil.

i very much want to try out my new cardio playlist, which i tinkered with yesterday and downloaded new music that seems like it will excellent to run to, but i'm not sure if my knees and feet can handle it.  i need new shoes desperately. but i need a paycheck first. 

i think saturday will be "gym clothes buying day," a holiday celebrated the world over.  if i'm going to go to the gym every day, sometimes twice a day, i really need more clothes.

and shoes that take the impact away from my knees. 


  1. 1) Boys are dumb.
    2) What new songs did you download?
    3) Tell me what shoes work best for your knees. I used to love my New Balance shoes but haven't found a new pair that I love as much as my old ones. :( Maybe it's because I'm not willing to pay as much for running shoes these days as I did when I was single and had my own paycheck. *sigh*

  2. Gah, the puppy commercials! They get me every time!

    All the other stuff is also annoying, but the puppies make me cry, so... :)