Thursday, January 28, 2010

aren't you supposed to fly SOUTH for the winter?

going north, to say goodbye to musicboy's gramma.  he wants me there, as he'll be gone for longer this time by a couple of days and i want to be there for him.  i began to think that maybe his family wouldn't want me there, but then i began to think that i've done this before.

gone through the process of saying goodbye, i mean.

and even if it means that i make pancakes in the morning and do dishes or keep musicboy occupied or play cards and watch movies, i can help.

sometimes, i think you help by just filling in the blanks.  it's the things that you can just do without asking if they need to be done that can be truly beneficial.  it is those needs i hope i can meet.

i just checked the weather, though, and it's going to be 2 tomorrow night.  as in there's not anything before or after that number. it stands alone.  there's been talk of walking on a frozen lake as well.  all of these things i hope i survive.

but mainly, i hope to be of use.


  1. Thinking of (and, of course praying for) you and your very, VERY cold family.