Monday, January 18, 2010

sometimes i really like me.

i woke up this morning, rather excited to get on the scale. i always face the scale with some degree of trepidation, because really i still don't understand why my body chooses to do what it does.  full moon? birth control pills? irrational anger over my intake of strawberry yogurt? who knows why the flip it decides to do what it does. it certainly does not always follow the mathematical formula that says that when you eat this and burn this you should weigh this. 

(of course this sometimes works the opposite, so i can't hate too much. i'm just saying--i do not understand.)

but this time, i was sure. well, that's kind of a lie. i think i KNEW that it would say what it did. 

yes, i gained. not much (.6 lb) but this is MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.  why, you ask?

because i have freaking eaten less than i needed to maintain my body weight, plus have consistently worked out five days this week.

but tada there you go.  so for a moment i was all IMPOSSIBLE! and thought that i would check again tomorrow morning blah blah blah can't be right blah blah blah i don't accept this result blah blah blah doesn't this happen on the biggest loser blah blah blah.

(let's be real. even if i gained .6 pounds, i'd still be down 3 in two weeks...which is freaking awesome the end. but am i satisfied? of course not.)

so i was all WOEISME and then i said suck it, body.

and i went to two classes at the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical.  burned 1086 calories.

take that you freaking metabolism and tell me if you won't lose weight next week.  that's right, sucka.

(and that's why sometimes i love me.  wallow in self-pity? no way. i just tell the world to suck it and prove them wrong.  now to find a way to do this with dissertation...)

the end.

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