Saturday, October 30, 2010

in which i self-sabotage and watch gleefully from the sidelines giving the play-by-play.

i am nearly caught up with grading.

no, seriously. i'm like 2 sets of response papers and a bunch of discussion board posts away from being COMPLETELY CAUGHT UP. 

(well, if you don't count the stuff that came in late, because of whatever reason, which i don't because they get graded when they get graded and i'm about to tell everyone who asks about it to suck it.)

seriously. i teach eight classes, four of which are online classes. this is a miracle of epic proportions, which can only be explained by MIRACLE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.

so today, what do i do?

i wake up.  i eat a pumpkin spice donut, my second in 24 hours. the first bite of which was pure pregnancy-induced bliss.  this time? not so much. i wish they made them without glaze.

but i digress.

i eat a donut.  i get dressed.  i take musicboy to campus so he can get on a bus and go to a nearby away game with the entire band.  i come home. i make peanut butter celery.  i think about how i'm kind of tired.  i start the remaining laundry.

i dink around on facebook, i dink around on my email, i make speech orders for the last big speech (HUZZAH!), i make rice krispie treats for the halloween church activity, i find someone to take said rice krispie treats to church because i'm not going but don't want to be one of THOSE people who signs up for something and then doesn't do it because they are lame.

i think about how i'm kind of tired.  i think about how i should probably take a nap before it's gametime.  but then i have to switch the laundry and then i decide that i'm hungry and then i start planning all of the many things i am going to cook and ooh wouldn't chili be good but i don't have any beef hey what about chicken and black beans? then i make pinto beans from scratch (like, i soaked them and then boiled them, not that i created them from dust) and a double recipe of pumpkin bread.

and at this point it because quite apparent to me that, though i have achieved perhaps the easiest thing on my academic to-do list by completing the speech orders, i have done nothing else.  and, you know, that's stupid.


but i'll lose that momentum, perhaps, if i don't do something today.

but then it was game time and i was hungry so i ate a quesadilla with hummus and it was delicious and then i ate some other stuff, because it's not a day that ends in y if my moments aren't completely consumed with planning what i am going to eat next and trying to make wise decisions and also just because i'm hungry ALL THE TIME and now i don't feel like puking every time i eat anymore, so that's nice.

and then i wrapped and froze two mini loaves and a big loaf of pumpkin bread (seriously? SERIOUSLY.) and put the 24 mini muffins in the cake holder (i know.  SERIOUSLY.) and then i made some chicken black bean chili that i might have put a LITTLE too much spice into (i.e. i can't eat it without lots of sour cream and MILK, so musicboy will probably love it) and then there was this pile of laundry that needed to be folded and then i realized it was 9:15 and instead of doing anything productive, i was doing anything but.

including blogging.

but this realization has been one that has been quite clear to me all day. that, despite my best plans and copious to-do lists, it just WASN'T going to happen.

and it's sort of amusing how productive i am in my attempts to do anything other than what i should be doing, but it's sort of sad too, because in the land of what might have been, i'd be practically caught up.

but there's still another hour at least until musicboy gets back, more than likely, so maybe i'll get something done then.

but that pile of clothes isn't just going to fold itself, you know.  and the dishes really do need to be done. 

good grief. 

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