Thursday, October 7, 2010

fast and furious.

i'm not angry, lest you think so from my title. i'm just...BUSY.  so overwhelmed.  but managing, sincerely because of the grace of God, and days like yesterday make me SO.GLAD. the first trimester is over because, though i do fall asleep rather early these days, i am not in desperate need of a nap every three hours and i can multitask again.


because i think it needs to be noted for posterity, yesterday i dipped a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread into salsa, and it was good. then i ate entirely too many cheezits dipped in salsa. they were also good.  today i ate carrots and cheezits dipped in salsa.  also good.  strange, odd, but good.  whatever.

also, i'm hungry all the time and my jeans don't really fit anymore. while i know this is all good and baby-ful, it's also somewhat difficult for me when i see the scale creeping up and i am not sure whether it's because i can't keep myself from occasionally diving face first into some cheezits or it's because somewhere in there there's a baby that weighs 1.5 ounces (yeah. doesn't explain it, although the girls probably each weigh an extra pound each. you're welcome for that information.).  i'm trying to be zen, but i also am trying to be smart.

sigh. carrots over cheezits. sometimes i just do my best and hope someone will make up the difference.

i believe that i legitimately have one million things to do. the piles of paper in my living room are multiplying, as they are wont to do toward the end of the week when i'm just trying to make it until saturday.  however, there's no real rest on saturday so all that stuff needs to get done on today and friday.  nevertheless, i might take a nap instead, because i'm beginning to wonder if it's ACTUALLY the end of the world if not all of them get done this week. i'm beginning to think, in fact, the answer is no. 

i want to go to the gym but some days, like yesterday, i can't imagine when i would have done that. there's just no time.  however, prenatal yoga and pilates dvds are coming in the mail soon, since my gym is suckage with the pregnancy-related classes (other than some water thing which i may eventually investigate but probably not because it's like during the times when people work for a living).  that should help. 

this is boring. i'm sorry, but as chaotic as this post is, my brain is 53x more chaotic. 

i can't wait until this semester is over.  i really just can't wait.  maybe i need a countdown?  about 9 weeks left, maybe?  and next week there's a 3 day weekend.  i can live for that.  parades and homecoming and free pancakes i didn't have to make myself.

sounds like a plan. 

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