Monday, November 1, 2010

an update.

well, i followed up saturday's lack of effort with a two hour spurt of insane productivity this morning.  i gave my local cc students the opportunity to come and talk to me about the papers that are due on wednesday (whew. just remembered to post the plagiarism checker post that i'm required to use) instead of coming to class. 

did i know that few of them would come? yes.  i would have to admit that i did. did i know that NONE of them would come? no.  that i didn't know. i think i used it as an experiment. 

and some of what i thought was confirmed.  that makes me feel better and worse. 

i don't think it's just me. i think it might also be them. i think they might be a smidge less committed than i'm accustomed to. i think i'm okay with that. i gave them opportunities.

heck if i'm commenting on their drafts, though. you had the chance, folks.


so i was in my office this morning, and i just plowed through a set of response papers. it was so lovely.  i am going to try to do some more of that plowing tomorrow in my other office, and then wednesday in my office again.  since i have to sit there like a lump anyway, i might as well do something.

but then people come and i'm all HEYMANI'MGRADING in my head.

i should not do that.  collegetown u students sometimes actually come to office hours, which is sort of awesome.

so, i don't all around suck at life. just a little bit.

tomorrow is my 18 week appointment. i'm a little nervous, though i have absolutely no reason to be.  maybe i'll get to hear the heartbeat again. maybe i'll get to schedule our big official ultrasound. maybe i'll get to learn something exciting.  who knows? 

maybe it won't take long and i'll be able to just get in and out with no worries. 

is it friday yet?


  1. Good luck with the appointment! Speaking of, do you and musicboy want to know the sex, or not?

  2. heck to the yes. we're finding out so long as Baby isn't shy and the ultrasound tech can find the appropriate money shot.

    pregnancy is mystery enough. i don't need anymore. :)