Wednesday, October 27, 2010


"not completely certain HOW everything will work out, but nonetheless sure that it will. it always does."

way number one: finding out that the classes that you thought might be entirely on campus will, in fact, be entirely online.  and that there are two.  so that makes five online classes for next semester. they're not the highest paying gigs, but they're gigs that pay the bills. and they don't include any OIOHL classes, of which i am planning to partake mightily until Baby comes.

i worry too much, you know? and every single time i do, i'm always shown, very clearly, that we are cared for and loved and that everything will be okay.

also, on a somewhat smaller but nonetheless nice point: this means that i don't need to dress up and get out and wear professional clothes every single dang day when i'm third trimester.  this means less spent on maternity clothes and more opportunities for me to wear pajama pants. huzzah!

these things are good.


  1. me: my money is not going to last through the end of the year until my next disbursement at the end of December. ohcrapohcrapohcrapohcrap.

    Heavenly Father: don't be silly Sapphire. you get mileage reimbursement for your internship, here's 300 bucks a month you didn't consider. thanks for paying your tithing!

    me: yessssssssss

    gotta love it.

  2. That is good news. I'm curious what you teach and where. (I used to teach university-level and did some online stuff, too.)

  3. that's wonderful. all you need are big comfy dresses for church and pajama pants and sweatshirts and you are set! in the third trimester your belly will become a nice shelf to set your laptop on and work. you should just set up camp on the couch so you only have to go upstairs for bathroom breaks (you'll get all the exercise you need doing that)and bedtime.