Monday, October 18, 2010

bullets on a monday.

  • nothing makes me more nuts than people who walk, while a car is waiting patiently to turn right, like they are the center of the universe. i just encountered this on campus, and it makes me nuts. so of course i was, uhm, strongly speaking to the people when a poor guy who really didn't see me began to cross, saw me annoyed and yell-y, and felt bad.  then i felt bad.  
  • jesse ventura looks BAD.  like hard living bad.  like this and hulk hogan are the cautionary tale of wrestling bad.  and yet he has a tv show that looks insipid.  probably gets paid a lot more than i do in a year for one episode.  show me the justice.
  • i'm addicted to pumpkin bread.  and baking.
  • making food ahead of time for the win.  today has been INFINITELY less stressful, and i'm assuming it's because i don't have to think about ANYTHING.
  • i'm contemplating the least obtrusive way of telling my students that i haven't just eaten too many chicken wings at too many tailgate parties and am, in fact, pregnant now that my belly is beginning to look infinitely rounder and is busting out of some of my pants.  i think i might just do it.  i have a plan, but i wonder if they're all just going to stare at me like "so? we don't care." which is fine. they don't have to care. i just don't want them to think i'm fat.  i'm so vain.
  • my homemade jam is like the best thing i've ever had. besides pumpkin bread and apple pie yogurt and oreo klondike bars and broccoli salad and toast.  oh dear.  i'm not very discerning.  there are all of these spaces in my belly book journal thing that ask what i'm craving.  i don't crave.  i just...get on kicks.  like cinnamon and pumpkin and salsa and sour cream.  anything i can include those things in, i am down with.  is that weird?
  • the one kid that just continued to be an aggressive, confrontational jerkweed to me has now turned a corner. i'm not sure it's because i made an aggressive attempt to act as if nothing was wrong and tried to be kind and outgoing to him or if he decided that he was a jerkweed, but every single time he seems decent, it blows me away. i doubt i will ever cease to appreciate it.  it's amazing how your perspective changes.
  • i just ate a snack and i'm still hungry. this is most assuredly musicboy's baby. 

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