Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a very clear PS to this whole discussion, which is really just my musing and pondering.

(but for which i really appreciate your input because some of you know much more than i do.)

straight up, please don't be offended or think that i am in ANY way casting judgment on ANYONE'S choices. the reality of every person's life is different, as is what their family decides.  it's personal. it's guided by, most of the time, the best intentions and the desire to do what's right and best for the entire family.  were circumstances different, i really might be considering something else entirely. there may come a day when those decisions are presented to me.  i am down with considering everything equally. 

one of the major annoyances of my life is what i call the flip side of feminism, where people don't support equally the decisions women make. there's a lot of judgment on both sides of the stay at home/work outside the home/be a hybrid mom debate (okay, that's three sides but whatever).

there's no judgment whatsoever here. please know that. 

okay. i feel better now. 

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  1. You know, I thought I would get bored being a stay at home mom because I was so used to having an everyday job. I was used to getting up early and getting ready and heading out into the mess of traffic to get to the office. I am positive that being a stay at home mom is more difficult than having a job. My work day doesnt ever end at 5 or 6. It goes all day and all night. I used to think of myself as a feminist because I didnt understand why it was that the Men had to make the money while we slaved away at home. I now know. I wouldnt miss the times with my kids for anything in the world. I have been able to experience things that their dad never will. Some of them bad but most of them good. However, some women need to work. When my kids start school, I plan on getting a part time job but I want to be home when they are so I continue not missing anything. Thats my defense of stay at home moms.