Thursday, February 18, 2010

so when they say plyometrics, do they mean sitting and eating ben & jerry's? because that's a workout i can get behind.

so the other thing that concerted, steady, constant effort does?

burns out your brain like an old lightbulb leftover from a previous tenant. what's that? you wanted effort? flip the switch, then.  go ahead. do it.  it'll just happen, right? like magic. it always does.  go ahead.  POP! ahahahaha.  i mock you. now go find more lightbulbs.

see? my metaphors even suck.

i've spent the last two hours, probably, doing nothing whatsoever except waiting to see what would happen on facebook because i can't make myself move enough to get going on planning tomorrow's class. i have no earthly idea how i'm going to be able to finish everything else that i have to get done this week, unless it's just little by little.

i hate that.  i want it done.  but the list keeps getting longer because HELLO this week is almost over and so the stuff to do for next week begins.


spinning bruised my butt and made me realize i have a long way to go before i am well and truly fit. it also fairly constantly made me think of a friend's husband, who is a competitive cyclist. i've met him maybe twice in my life, but the whole time i kept thinking "how does he do this? how does he DO this?"

my rear end continues to ask that question.

(sorry if that grossed you out.)

shaun white needs a haircut or else i will continue to assert that he looks like a woman. most overrated olympian thus far=lindsay vonn. nobody cares. get over it.  nbc is brilliant in their ability to milk the most popular events (hello figure skating) for 4 hours of primetime programming by wrapping it with stuff i couldn't care less about normally (supercombined? already know what happened...).  also, olympic ads are quite awesome. my favorite is the mom and dad racing home from mcd's.  score one for moms!

i'm going to kickboxing today.  that ought to be humiliating and horrible, but it will burn calories and then maybe i'll be able to eat dinner then.

i continue to ask myself if i care about tiger woods's apology. i think not, really, except in the sense that i listen to sports radio on my longish drive to rural cc, and maybe it will be more interesting radio fodder than the nba trade deadline.  sweet heck, he's a skeez.  everybody knows it.  his wife should take him for all he's worth.  but the question is: if i'm home, will i watch it if it's on tv? 

the answer is: probably. good thing i'll be in the library, huh? 

oh library.  oh how i pray you give me brain mojo. 

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