Tuesday, February 8, 2011

things i never thought i'd do in my life #498.

take the online jeopardy contestant test.

50 questions. 15 seconds each (SO NOT LONG).

not that bad. i know nothing about science or swedish actresses, but i'm happy to report that the random cultural knowledge that i have picked up over the course of a phd in english paid off. 

you don't know if you passed. you can't ask if you passed. if you passed, you go into a big pot and they randomly choose you to audition, if the fates smile upon you and all works out well.  if not, you go through life thinking you're not smart enough for jeopardy.

or grateful that you don't have to deal with alex trebek's obnoxiousness, which is apparently A LOT.

either way, it was a fun way to spend 8 minutes of my life.  now if wheel of fortune would just let me take them for all they're worth...

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