Tuesday, February 1, 2011

just a little monday, post-doctor update.

i ate everything i wanted to eat today. i didn't care. if i wanted it, i ate it. this included:
  • pita bread and sundried tomato hummus. OHMYGOSH. so delicious.
  • a few oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that i baked for husband's lunches this week. small ones but delicious nonetheless.
  • a hot dog. a real hot dog, not the turkey or fat free kind. all pan seared and crunchy, in a real, white bread bun.
  • doritos. with ketchup on them.  they were spicy.  shut up. i'm pregnant.
  • chocolate milk. 
  • just a little bit of honey bunches of oats with chocolate milk on them.
  • waffles (which i already told you about).
  • pineapple.
  • carrots and ranch dip.
  • pretzel sticks.
it has been lovely. i just wanted to record this, in all its gluttonous glory.  perhaps i should be ashamed of myself, but it's nice to just do what i want to do.  what's nicer, strangely, is to know that it's conscious (rather than that out-of-control feeling that i sometimes get when i am grazing and can't seem to stop, even though i know i should) and will end tomorrow. i'm already planning wednesday's green monster and what i'll do to get back on track.

but sometimes, it's nice to feel like the crazy pregnant woman who's eating whatever she wants.  and i don't even really feel bad about it.

i will admit, though. i am VERY FULL.  goodness.


in other news, one of the three people who were due ahead of me gave birth today, a month ahead of schedule. she went to the midwife, was 3 cm dilated, and then 7 hours later, her baby was born.

that leaves two before me.


oh boy.

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  1. You are getting close, lady. So. Close. I will start sending you "stay inside" vibes, which have been scientifically proven to have kept at least two babies in utero until closer to their due dates.

    I am SURE I am responsible for this. The moms had nothing to do with it. :)