Tuesday, February 15, 2011


something unexpected happened to me last night.

we went dancing, and it was fun. it was a fundraising swing dance held by musicboy's former institution, the same local cc that i now work for, and it was a musical performance by the band that he used to be a part of. so it was a bit of coming home for him, and he was sort of adorable as he took me around to all the people and made sure to show off my huge belly. he was so proud--it was kind of swoon-worthy.  they, of course, asked him to sing a song he sang with them before, and he did beautifully despite having no practice. i do think, though, he knew they would do it, so i'm not sure i can say it was without warning.

something weird, though, happened all night.

i got looks. like, looks that said that people were deeply nervous that i was there and that i was dancing.  i'll admit that my stamina for dancing wasn't that fantastic--by the end, i was sore and TIRED in my body--but i was out there, salsaing a little bit and swinging more and doing a little step-touch when it was appropriate. there were masses of people there, so there was very, very little room on the floor. 

but people looked really nervous when i was dancing--like somehow i was going to cause a scene.  a few people seemed to look at me with that sort of affectionate stranger look that i try to show when i look at things i think are cute, but everyone else just looked like it was something they didn't want to acknowledge. 

it was weird. it was the first time that's really happened. i felt self-conscious about my belly.

of course, the fact that i was leading with my belly, and practically running into people as musicboy would spin me (and he likes to do that), probably didn't help.  but it did make me wonder.

why are people so uncomfortable around really pregnant people? i'm not so large that i look like i'm about to pop at any moment (or i don't think so, at least), so what is it?

it was weird.  but the night was lovely, and musicboy gave me the gift that is most precious to both of us this semester: time.  he spent the morning practice time he usually devotes to preparing for his lesson with me, and then took me out and we had fun dancing and being together.  you can take your cards that you'll just eventually throw away and your chocolates that i shouldn't eat anyway.

i'll take my musicboy's quality time any day.


  1. Hmm I don't know why people are uncomfortable. I always think it's really cute to see a pregnant woman. Maybe they were worried they would bump into you or something.

  2. That is weird. You definitely (from pictures, at least) don't look like you're in the "ready at any minute" stage, because, well, you're not. As the grandmas would say, you haven't dropped yet. I'm guessing it's something as simple as: people are a bit on the ignorant side. So they don't know that it's GOOD for women in the third trimester to exercise a little bit. They think you should be at home, relaxing.

    So, go you! You've shown them it's possible. :)