Monday, February 7, 2011

questions questions questions.

why do eggo waffles not taste as good as i remember them tasting? i keep trying.

why do so many students automatically assume that i am out to get them when their papers don't get electronically submitted?  surprisingly, i actually don't hate them. surprisingly, i am not trying to get them.  i am just accustomed to people NOT turning things in.  why does it have to be about fault?

is there a way to use blueberry preserves to make blueberry muffins? i don't have that much, so i'm wondering if i can split a recipe.

does someone out there have some sort of system of making dishes not be a heinous and awful chore that i loathe and that makes me hate my life?

is there a job somewhere where the description is to think up the rules and the competitions on reality shows? because i watched top shot all day on saturday and i think i would really like that job.

why is there a dearth of television options between 11 and 1 pm? why can i not manage to turn the tv off? it's like i'm afraid of quiet.

is there going to be some day when using coupons is actually going to make me save more than $5? i appreciate the $5, for sure, but...really?  i'm jealous of those people who spend $10 for $100 worth of stuff. of course, the volume in which they purchase things is alarming and they usually purchase things i never would.  i have been convinced that there are coupons for most everything that we purchase. that's exciting.

why is it impossible for me to imagine my belly getting any bigger, even while i intellectually know that i will?  why is it necessary for everyone to tell me that i will? even musicboy is in on it now.  i just want to live in my delusions, man.

after the superbowl, does anyone have any doubt that is the talented one in that particular group?

in the same sort of vein: is there a way to make this house somehow not be a pithole of death all of the time? i try...sort keep up with it, but during the week, it just seems impossible.  i don't like it. it goes against my nesting instinct right now, so that's doubly annoying. 

and, finally, what do you think?

the valance, hanging on the rod that was already there. after all of that, i just decided i didn't think it looked bad and it was white, and so there you go. 

our reclining rocker and the butterfly accent/back support pillow that i made. it was SO MUCH HARDER than i thought it would be.  it turned out okay, i think, but if you look too close you'll see how hard i labored. if it gets heavy use, it might fall apart, but that's okay. 

the diaper stacker, hanging on the changing table. sorry for the washed out color--it's very gloomy here and i'm still confined by my MacBook's photo booth.  it's pretty darn cute, though. you can't see the ties, but they are made out of pink and white polka dot fabric. we like our patterns here.

the cuddle/reading nook. i LOVE it.  so much.  i love the color on the wall, which has been there since just after we moved in. i don't, however, know what to hang on it.  it's very blah right now. i feel like it will come to me.

the light was dying, but this gives you an idea of the layout.  the changing table is on the same green wall, and the crib will be to the right of the changing table, on the adjoining (inside) wall. we found out this winter that outside walls are VERY cold, so we're going to keep her on the inside.  or at least that's the plan.  it'll be easy enough to change if we need to.

just as an FYI, this is the crib set that we registered for and that i took the colors from:

Product Image

i love it.

so...did i do good?


  1. 1. YES, you did an amazing job!
    2. I don't think anyone in the Black Eyed Peas is talented. I think that music editors make them sound okay-ish on their records.
    3. I don't mind doing dishes. They're not my favorite, but when I started looking at them as a way to serve my husband (instead of as an inevitable evil), I started enjoying them more. I started counting all the things he does for me on a daily basis while I scrub--suddenly dishes don't look so bad.

  2. You are so crafty! I had no idea! The room looks lovely.

    And as for the belly, as hard as it is to believe, yes, it will get bigger, but it's actually kind of fun. You are gonna look super-pregnant, so people start acting really nice: letting you go first in line, holding open doors, etc. Enjoy it. (not that carrying a watermelon on your front is fun, but the fact that humans act more human is very nice :)

  3. Very cute!!! I never sew for my kids unless its a costume. Their rooms are sort of depressing. You've inspired me to make a curtain or two.