Friday, February 11, 2011

just putting it out there.

the nesting in me has moved on to a new project--the putting of all of our pictures into photo albums before Baby Girl arrives. 

i dug out the pictures i had printed for this purpose, and others, and then thought "hey, i should get out the envelope that has our CDs in it and figure out which ones i need to print (again). then i thought "hey. don't i have a bunch of pictures already?" and then i thought that that envelope has my birth certificate and my social security card in it too. it's essentially the Envelope of Important Things.

i remember having it and using it and being so careful about it in the fall, when i was using it for all sorts of jobs. 

can i find it now?


cue the intellectual part of me, which says that i would never have thrown it away and it's somewhere in this house, likely in some place that made sense at the time but SHOULDN'T BE BECAUSE WHY ISN'T IT WHERE I THOUGHT IT WAS?!?

but also cue the crazy hormonal part of me that is sure that someone has now stolen my identity and is wreaking havoc on me and my credit rating and trying to figure out how best to, you know, secure myself against it.  and there's the stomping around trying to find it, praying all the while (though i do see how the stomping and the praying might NOT go together so well).

i guess i'm just putting this out there because i need it to come back to me and i need to know where it is and i know it's here and WHY IS IT HIDING?


but i did find our camera charger, which is a beautiful thing. that's $20 i don't have to spend. 

so there's always a silver lining.


  1. Ugh. This sounds like a little bit of pregnancy brain, which you don't want to believe is a real thing, but it basically is.

    You'll find it. But if you're still panicking, check your credit report (the govt. lets you do it every few months, I think?)

    It will be okay. :)

  2. Couple of things:
    1. Sit down, relax and try take your mind off of the envelope. It will magically appear once you do so. I swear. The next two or three places you look? Where it will be. Also: don't forget to look in places you already looked because (inevitably), it will be there. Speaking from experience, here.
    2. Bobby and I got a giant accordion file holder that has EVERYTHING of importance in it. We're in the process of looking for a small fireproof safe for the file holder. Might I suggest y'all do the same? Ask yourself this: if there was a fire, would all your important documents (marriage license, birth certificates, passports, tax documents, etc.) a) be in one place and b) go up in flames? I asked myself that question and had an absolute panic attack. Hence the fireproof safe.
    3. Check your credit score at your local bank. I know Wachovia would tell me my score and will also tell you if you have any credit "bumps" or "bruises" without it actually pinging your score the way it does when someone requests it (like a lender).

    In other news: YAY for photo albums!!! Sorry to sound like such a mom, Bobby and I just had these discussions ourselves not too long ago!