Wednesday, February 2, 2011


i don't know what it is about everybody's personal journeys, but they are always so tailored for our individual personalities.

(duh. hence the use of the adjective "personal.")

i think, though, that i find this frustrating when i am not involved.  let me try to explain. sometimes, i see things being heaped on the plates of those around me and i don't understand why they keep being heaped upon said plates when it seems like they are full up to capacity except that, perhaps, my definition of full is based on the smallest bit of perspective that is drastically colored by my love for and personal investment in those people.

so, i guess what i'm saying is maybe i don't know so much.

but sometimes i wonder why it is that those people have those challenges. why do some people have to deal with doing things that they think are stupid, that don't make sense, that they can't wrap their brains around but are forced to do, required to jump through these illogical fiery hoops, when it just totally annoys and frustrates them?

i mean, perhaps i see the lesson, but it just seems so...obnoxious.  of course, it's not my lesson.

it occurs to me, however, that perhaps letting go and letting people have their experiences instead of trying to fix everything and worry about everyone all of the time--having faith, perhaps, in their ability to grow from their own journeys rather than feeling compelled to save them from them--might just be one of mine.

fancy that.

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