Monday, November 15, 2010

the list.

so that whole "making a list, checking it twice" deal really might come in handy 'round these parts come december. i'm inordinately excited about the prospect of time to do SOMETHING OTHER THAN TEACHING, even though i'll probably be online teaching a bit during the holidays anyway.

but there will be, you know, no classes to attend.  no need to get in the car unless it's to go fetch something delicious to eat or to go experience the commercialization of a holiday at the mall.

sounds good to me.

so i thought, as i am wont to do with my whole life, i would write a list of things to do during the break. 

1.  make a list of projects to do around the house.

we moved in here, finished summer classes, found out we were pregnant, and then i hit the zombie phase.  about the time the zombie phrase receded, the "i'm teaching 8 classes and am a crazy person" became a reality.

so we still have shelves and pictures to hang and, of course, closets to organize and the Baby's room to figure out.  that was supposed to be an office, but i think the only thing we do in there is print stuff.  i'm still not sure what i want to do in there in terms of an office. it seems counterproductive to have my office stuff in there, since i will likely work when the baby is sleeping, but i am not sure what else to do.

2.  play guitar hero. 

i just heard "carry on my wayward son" on a TV show and now i want to strum it up.

3.  go the movies.

for free, too, thanks to credit card points. i want to see a movie. i also want to buy toy story 3. i'm not certain that both of these things will happen, but i'm going to give it a go.

4.  find maternity jeans that aren't disgusting. 

5.  watch punkin chunkin.

discovery, you have done an outstanding job of advertising this particularly insane special. but i seem to remember watching this last year with my husband's family and being inordinately entertained. with Baby on board, i'm pretty sure it will be even more hilarious.

6. reactivate the netflix and plan for having no cable.

watch all the closer i can before i cancel the cable.  get my queue all ready for it.

7.  boo. i just remembered i have to plan an entire set of online classes.

oh well. that might be fun. i'm going to think fun. what could be fun about this? it's a new class i've never taught before, and i've been invited to entirely steal whatever i want from an instructor who seems to entirely have his junk together. that's exciting.  i have to learn a new online system, though, which should  oh well. something to do while watching all of this tv.

8.  drink hot chocolate under fluffy blankets and cuddle with my husband, who will actually be home more.  YIPPEE!

9.  restrain the grandmas from buying everything either blue or pink in the store once they find out the gender. 

i will do so with some degree of persistence, because i really don't want our Baby to be entirely spoiled rotten, but i am also realistic and know that it's a losing battle.  so maybe a better use of my energy and time is to funnel said grandma shopping into productive, useful things. this, of course, assumes that i know what i want and what we want to have (and what we don't want to have) for the Baby.

10.  do fun Christmas-like things, like going to find lights and going to Christmas pageants and finding fun and creative things to do for free. :)

i felt compelled to do 10, but i really just want a whole heaps of holiday fun.  HEAPS.  are you ready for the holidays? ready or not, it's coming. :) what are you doing? do you have good ideas for me? 

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  1. YAY for all of this, especially time to relax with the husband!