Friday, November 19, 2010

this doesn't help my humility.

the student who rarely attends class and has hardly handed anything in, who emailed me to ask for a conference, didn't show up to class or to my office even though it was her meeting.

color me totally shocked.

being always right about these things does nothing for my sense that i'm always right about these things.  sometimes students are just straight up disappointingly predictable.


  1. This student needs a ginormous kick in the pants. Personally, I think that (after teacher evals are in) you should tell her. She obviously doesn't care about her education and needs to know that will affect her down the line. Is she a Collegetown U student? If so...WOW. She's not going to last there long.

  2. not collegetown U--local CC. i'm not surprised, really. i sort of expected it, which isn't kind but is basically what the trend predicted. i think her grade will communicate quite a lot, but if i'm in the position to tell her what her behavior will get her in future, i will.

    i somehow doubt that she'll put me in that position. and, it sounds terrible, but i'm unwilling to invest a lot of time in someone who isn't investing in themselves. i just don't have the resources.